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Henry Vill

The weighing game

This a personal account of my battle to get fit and lose around 2 stone in weight within 3 months. But will I do it?

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Day 126

Personal Posted on Thu, August 11, 2011 05:17PM

Finally got back into the gym. The back still feels a bit sore but it has been too long without exercise. I focussed on aerobic exercise; managed an 8.5 minute mile so have slowed down a bit and the cross trainer seemed a lot harder than usual.

As before, I treated myself to a flat white and toast after exercising – well it’s better than beer and cake.


Days 124 and 125

Personal Posted on Wed, August 10, 2011 05:05PM

Day 125

Manchester is living up to it’s reputation and the weather is grey and depressing. Last night my phone lost it’s charge and there was no wifi at the hotel, so this morning I urgently called the wife from the office to assure her I was safe. She asked what all the fuss was about and reminded me to buy a loaf of bread on the way home – leafy suburbia is clearly not affected by inner-city riots.

I am definitely going to the gym tomorrow.

Day 124

Working again today. Had a couple of hours free before travelling to London and considered going for a run – but ended up eating lunch instead.

In the evening I travelled up to Manchester. Once again, due to the randomness of Railomathics, first class was the cheaper option and included drinks (G&T and just Tea in my case), an egg sandwich, bag of cheese and onion crisps and a banana – it was like an alcoholic version of a train spotters lunch.

In Manchester I was greeted by rain and the riot police. The local youth were amassing at Piccadilly Gardens, which is where my hotel was located, to copycat the London looting. Thus I spent half hour circumnavigating hoodies and the police to get to my hotel. It was a case of keep turning right until the street was not blocked and I could turn left. I felt like pacman with the ghouls replaced by darkly clad copycats and coppers. These scruffy hooded night prowlers are quite different to the well groomed ones I saw last time on (C)anal (S)treet.


Day 123

Personal Posted on Mon, August 08, 2011 10:28PM

Spent a long day stuck at my desk using Excel. Time for food and a bit of TV, its just like the old days.

I think Gordon Ramsey is on – a good example of how not to treat your staff. Not sure why he is so unsecure that he has to resort to bullying in public.


Days 120, 121 and 122

Personal Posted on Sun, August 07, 2011 10:27PM

Day 122

A quiet day visiting relatives and nursing a headache. My mum made one of her Sunday lunches, the vegetables included: roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, roast parsnips, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots and green beans. The meal was crowned with a home-made orange trifle. We were all completely stuffed and the afternoon was spent sleeping off our indulgence.

I enjoy visiting my parents but always come away bloated and heavier. In between meals there are cakes, sweets, chocolates, nuts and drinks; it’s like Christmas without the presents. Furthemrore, I always leave with a bag of salad, cakes, chocolates, and frozen ready meals – all the things we didn’t get chance to eat.

I need to get to the gym to burn this all off, I dare not weigh myself.

Day 121

I avoided the cooked breakfast and we spent the day at the Black Country Museum – the best museum in the world but I am a td biased. We also went on a canal trip through the tunnels built by hand by the Earl of Dudley’s workers to transport coal and limestone. Fascinating and even more fascinating is that in the seventy odd years my parents have lived in the Black Country, they have never visited the tunnels.

My mum loaded us up with more cakes and sandwiches but I also succumbed to a pint of the local beer (Banks’s) and chips, heavily salted and eaten out of a newspaper. The boys found the traditional sweet shop and loaded up on Little Gems, Rhubarb and Custard, and Strawberry and Cream boiled sweets.

In the evening I met up with some old friends and a quick couple of beers turned into an all-night session drinking Holdens’ special brew. I like it when this happens, no real plans of excess but the mood and company is just right and a fun evening gradually unfolds.

Day 120

Apologies for the tardiness of my blog. I spent the weekend with my parents in the Black Country. I wouldn’t say my parents live in an Amish or Luddite community but there was no free wi-fi to be found anywhere; it’s the kind of place where people still write (not type) and post letters or are confused by faxes.

My mum is retired and spends her days gardening and baking. We were met with kisses and cake, and dinner was followed up with a rather large raspberry and passion fruit roulade, the fruit is good for the diet but not the fresh cream and merengue that accompanied it.

Still no gym or exercise, the back is twinging as I type this blog.

Henry the VIII

Day 119

Personal Posted on Thu, August 04, 2011 10:13PM

Nothing to report here.

After a night of not being able to sleep in a cupboard with no air I came home.


Day 118

Personal Posted on Thu, August 04, 2011 04:16PM

I made my way back up to Manchester to continue my project work. I discovered that, because it’s summer, I could stay in a UMIST hall of residence for £28 so I did. The hall boasted en suite facilities and “all mod cons” (modern conveniences). My room did indeed have it’s own bathroom but measuring 1 x 2 m, I think it was designed for students with severe dysentery so that they are simultaneously adjacent to the shower, toilet and sink. The room was about a third the size of the one I has at university or have I just got much bigger over time and things just seem smaller? I think UMIST has a large East Asian population and have built the halls using their standard anthropometrics. There was also no radio, TV, wifi, air con or Corby trouser press; I do not consider a lamp and kettle (with a paper cup and a sachet of coffee) to be “all mod cons” just cons.

The hall was near to Canal Street. This seems to be where the Manc gay community gather, there are many gay bars including Queer which I mentioned last week. Some non-PC but nonetheless amusing punter had blanked out the “C” on the street name. I explained this to a friend and he said he was surprised that they had also not blanked out the “S”. I suggested they are gay rather than illiterate, but I later noticed that the road has automated bollards (posts that power into the ground to allow access to service vehicles) and on their warning sign someone had changed “d” to a “k”. Maybe it’s a colloquium as in “hows are yer mate”, “yer mad for it, lerk the dargs bollarks”.


Days 116 and 117

Personal Posted on Tue, August 02, 2011 11:00PM

Day 117

Due to a logistics oversight I found myself killing time in Battersea Park. I had never been to this part of Town before. I had coffee on the tea terrace and at the start of this beautiful summer’s day watched life move slowly by. The heat, sun and park made me feel of those days when you lie around in parks whilst on holiday. There seemed to be an abundance of large short-haired men with small yappy dogs. On reflection I think it represented the coming together of Battersea Dog’s Home and the local unemployed gay (bear) community.

The afternoon consisted of three meetings, two of which involved large quantities of drink. I hope I did not embarrass myself but only time will tell.

Day 116

The family returned from the dog show last night with a bouquet of rosettes. Bloody Dog only won handsomest dog again along with some secondary prizes for best mover, junior handler, best condition and so on. The dog now has 240 “friends” on Facebook, mostly sad old fat women with dogs as surrogate children/boyfriends/life.

I spent most the day working out how to submit an invoice (my first as an independent). Late afternoon, me, wife and the youngest son had a nice walk in the local woods with Bloody Dog. He was quite behaved and we burned off a few calories each, only to put them back on again with a pint of Aspalls cider in the George and Dragon. Once again we saw George but not sign of his other half.


Days 114 and 115

Personal Posted on Mon, August 01, 2011 12:16AM

Day 115

By the time I had finished the DIY it was later afternoon. After a well-earned rest I eventually got out on my bike. After a week of no exercise it was good to get out. I pushed myself a bit and the back was twinging by the end of the two and a half hour ride.

Day 114

Wife, Kids and Bloody Dog have gone to another dog show, but this time it is in Lincoln so they are staying over. They are camping, my wife packed three pop up kids tents, three pot noodles, tea bags and a portable kettle. As an old scout I considered it well within my jurisdiction to tell her that she was not prepared but she just said I always over complicate things.

Anyway I was to spend the weekend fixing the shower. The youngest managed to kick a hold in the back wall, it’s not entirely is fault I discovered that a leak at caused the plaster to rot away. Anyhow rather than tear down the whole wall I simply used the newspaper and expanding foam to create a patch. It kind of all went to plan but the expanding foam got everywhere and it is a bugger to remove (from surfaces and particularly form skin) once it dries.

Spent the morning watching rubbish TV then went to DIY shops and after lunch started on the DIY. Let’s just say the wall repair was trickier than expected so it was a long day. Apparently I have a bit of a dubious reputation when it comes to DIY. I have caused a few floods in the past and received a few electric shocks, and once I actually caused a flood then shocked myself as the water I was standing in connected with the mains. The wife has me and the house fully insured.


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