Day 133

Suffering a bit from the beer and chilli so didn’t make it to the gym. Naughty boy.

Day 134

Finally got to go to the gym. I kept procrastinating and just finding other things to do: emails, Facebook, calling people, tidying my room, scheduling my day – I behaved like a teenager revising for exams. But eventually the wife told me to go as I have started snoring again. As usual it was hard work but enjoyable, getting there is always the most difficult bit.

I am off on holiday tomorrow. The plan is to exercise on the beach before breakfast, perhaps some running, lunges, dips, press ups, burpees, crunchies etc what I call cave man training. I meant to by a bungee cord but forgot. But let’s just see how it goes rather than make any promises.

I may not blog for a couple of weeks so see you then. Right time for beer and chips, a kind of last supper.