Day 125

Manchester is living up to it’s reputation and the weather is grey and depressing. Last night my phone lost it’s charge and there was no wifi at the hotel, so this morning I urgently called the wife from the office to assure her I was safe. She asked what all the fuss was about and reminded me to buy a loaf of bread on the way home – leafy suburbia is clearly not affected by inner-city riots.

I am definitely going to the gym tomorrow.

Day 124

Working again today. Had a couple of hours free before travelling to London and considered going for a run – but ended up eating lunch instead.

In the evening I travelled up to Manchester. Once again, due to the randomness of Railomathics, first class was the cheaper option and included drinks (G&T and just Tea in my case), an egg sandwich, bag of cheese and onion crisps and a banana – it was like an alcoholic version of a train spotters lunch.

In Manchester I was greeted by rain and the riot police. The local youth were amassing at Piccadilly Gardens, which is where my hotel was located, to copycat the London looting. Thus I spent half hour circumnavigating hoodies and the police to get to my hotel. It was a case of keep turning right until the street was not blocked and I could turn left. I felt like pacman with the ghouls replaced by darkly clad copycats and coppers. These scruffy hooded night prowlers are quite different to the well groomed ones I saw last time on (C)anal (S)treet.