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Henry Vill

The weighing game

This a personal account of my battle to get fit and lose around 2 stone in weight within 3 months. But will I do it?

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Day 119

Personal Posted on Thu, August 04, 2011 10:13PM

Nothing to report here.

After a night of not being able to sleep in a cupboard with no air I came home.


Day 118

Personal Posted on Thu, August 04, 2011 04:16PM

I made my way back up to Manchester to continue my project work. I discovered that, because it’s summer, I could stay in a UMIST hall of residence for £28 so I did. The hall boasted en suite facilities and “all mod cons” (modern conveniences). My room did indeed have it’s own bathroom but measuring 1 x 2 m, I think it was designed for students with severe dysentery so that they are simultaneously adjacent to the shower, toilet and sink. The room was about a third the size of the one I has at university or have I just got much bigger over time and things just seem smaller? I think UMIST has a large East Asian population and have built the halls using their standard anthropometrics. There was also no radio, TV, wifi, air con or Corby trouser press; I do not consider a lamp and kettle (with a paper cup and a sachet of coffee) to be “all mod cons” just cons.

The hall was near to Canal Street. This seems to be where the Manc gay community gather, there are many gay bars including Queer which I mentioned last week. Some non-PC but nonetheless amusing punter had blanked out the “C” on the street name. I explained this to a friend and he said he was surprised that they had also not blanked out the “S”. I suggested they are gay rather than illiterate, but I later noticed that the road has automated bollards (posts that power into the ground to allow access to service vehicles) and on their warning sign someone had changed “d” to a “k”. Maybe it’s a colloquium as in “hows are yer mate”, “yer mad for it, lerk the dargs bollarks”.