Day 117

Due to a logistics oversight I found myself killing time in Battersea Park. I had never been to this part of Town before. I had coffee on the tea terrace and at the start of this beautiful summer’s day watched life move slowly by. The heat, sun and park made me feel of those days when you lie around in parks whilst on holiday. There seemed to be an abundance of large short-haired men with small yappy dogs. On reflection I think it represented the coming together of Battersea Dog’s Home and the local unemployed gay (bear) community.

The afternoon consisted of three meetings, two of which involved large quantities of drink. I hope I did not embarrass myself but only time will tell.

Day 116

The family returned from the dog show last night with a bouquet of rosettes. Bloody Dog only won handsomest dog again along with some secondary prizes for best mover, junior handler, best condition and so on. The dog now has 240 “friends” on Facebook, mostly sad old fat women with dogs as surrogate children/boyfriends/life.

I spent most the day working out how to submit an invoice (my first as an independent). Late afternoon, me, wife and the youngest son had a nice walk in the local woods with Bloody Dog. He was quite behaved and we burned off a few calories each, only to put them back on again with a pint of Aspalls cider in the George and Dragon. Once again we saw George but not sign of his other half.