Day 115

By the time I had finished the DIY it was later afternoon. After a well-earned rest I eventually got out on my bike. After a week of no exercise it was good to get out. I pushed myself a bit and the back was twinging by the end of the two and a half hour ride.

Day 114

Wife, Kids and Bloody Dog have gone to another dog show, but this time it is in Lincoln so they are staying over. They are camping, my wife packed three pop up kids tents, three pot noodles, tea bags and a portable kettle. As an old scout I considered it well within my jurisdiction to tell her that she was not prepared but she just said I always over complicate things.

Anyway I was to spend the weekend fixing the shower. The youngest managed to kick a hold in the back wall, it’s not entirely is fault I discovered that a leak at caused the plaster to rot away. Anyhow rather than tear down the whole wall I simply used the newspaper and expanding foam to create a patch. It kind of all went to plan but the expanding foam got everywhere and it is a bugger to remove (from surfaces and particularly form skin) once it dries.

Spent the morning watching rubbish TV then went to DIY shops and after lunch started on the DIY. Let’s just say the wall repair was trickier than expected so it was a long day. Apparently I have a bit of a dubious reputation when it comes to DIY. I have caused a few floods in the past and received a few electric shocks, and once I actually caused a flood then shocked myself as the water I was standing in connected with the mains. The wife has me and the house fully insured.